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West Georgia Cancer Center

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


The proposed new addition and renovations to the existing Enoch Calloway Cancer Center will expand the oncology services in-place on the main campus of West Georgia Health. The project consolidates all oncology services provided by the hospital into one center of excellence. A one point entry for all oncology programs creates an ease of way finding and service identity. The ground level provides a large light-filled two-story lobby with access to reception, registration and patient navigation. Additional amenities include a conference center , chapel, retail boutique and café all centered on the lobby. The existing radiation oncology services, also on the ground level, will be expanded with additional exam rooms and a dedicated entrance for reoccurring patients.

The upper level provides a 10-room multidisciplinary exam clinic and a 15-bay infusion center which share support services. The infusion center will have natural light provided by large windows with views focused into a therapy garden that can be accessed directly by patients, family and staff members. Administrative offices and a second conference center round out the upper level programs. Architecturally, the design utilized the same materials of metal panel, glass and stone to extend the hospital’s brand and create a comprehensive healthcare campus.


Project Details

Location: LaGrange, GA

Square Feet: 41,000


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