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Princeton Baptist Medical Center

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


Princeton Baptist Medical Center’s need to replace a 45 year-old intensive care addition precipitated a TRO Jung|Brannen designed Critical Care Unit addition. Construction of this project requires careful phasing and management as its location is directly above surgery. The contemplated ICU Addition includes 36 private intensive care rooms and support functions. Evidence Based Design (EBD) highlights the role of family in caregiving and in positive outcomes. Each intensive care room is spaciously sized to accommodate both the medical needs of the patient and the personal needs of the patient’s Each room is provided with a large window offering patients views and abundant natural light. Care was also taken in the planning process to maintain a functionally efficient layout for the patient care team to collaborate and for nurses to have direct visual contact to critical areas at all times.

The nurse stations are designed to promote a clutter-free work environment with ample opportunity for interaction between the clinical staff.


Project Details

Location: Birmingham, AL

Square Feet: 55,000 square feet


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