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Weems Memorial Hospital

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


Like many other Critical Access Hospital, Weems Memorial Hospital has a list of legitimate facility “needs and wants.” To avoid wasting time and money with linear planning exercises, Weems Memorial Hospital engaged ADAMS Management Services and TRO JB to quickly develop several budget based concepts using a list of project goals and priorities developed in a Workshop with the hospital. The fast pace of this planning/budgeting workshop kept everyone engaged in the process and ultimately resulted in the approval of two concepts for presentation to the county commission. By understanding the goals and priorities and corresponding budget consequences, the county commission and the hospital Board were able to have informed discussions and conclude those discussions with a mutually acceptable direction on how to proceed and schedule subsequent activities leading to a USDA Application for Rural Development.


Project Details

Location: Apalachicola, FL

Square Feet: 21,550 SF New / 4,675 SF Renovations


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