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When your child is hurting, crying, bleeding or seriously ill…

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

University of South Alabama Lighthouse
University of South Alabama Lighthouse

…and you feel your ship could wreck at any moment, caring parents along the coast in south Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi can set their sails on a course to get their child into safe harbor!

With the addition of a Pediatrics Wing, the University of South Alabama’s Children’s & Women’s Hospital is focused on providing children with a high-tech, high-touch response to what ails them. The interior design was developed with a nautical theme indigenous to the Mobile, Alabama community, providing numerous positive distractions that help children and their parents cope with stressful times. This has made USA’s Children’s & Women’s Hospital more than a place – it helps make it a unique, age-appropriate experience filled with activities in the midst of fun-filled spaces, surrounded by toys, art, games, books, music, and movies that help children and their loved ones feel less anxious and fearful.


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