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Morton Plant Hospital Heart and Vascular

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

  • Monumental and full height entrance

  • Consolidation of 40 dispersed specialty clinics into one building

  • Ambulatory surgery, diagnostic services, rehabilitation medicine, and cardiology

  • Laboratories, nuclear medicine, MRI, radiology, gastroenterology, and gynecology

  • Administrative functions

  • 1600-car parking deck

TRO Jung|Brannen has been involved in master planning and design of projects at Morton Plant Mease Healthcare since 1990. The 102,000 square foot, four-story Heart & Vascular Pavilion, located on the Clearwater, Florida campus, synthesizes emerging concepts of wellness, prevention, early detection, and timely intervention of heart and vascular conditions in one integrated facility. High-tech and high-touch care, with low-impact exercise and intensive diagnostics, healthful eating, and experimental clinical trials are available all under one roof.

Within the taut, streamlined form of the building, a huge array of heart and vascular related services co-exist, including: a wellness center (exercise equipment, walking track, and aerobics area); a cardiac rehabilitation center (monitored exercise for patients recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery); an invasive diagnostics lab (vascular catheterization laboratory with support and recovery areas); a non-invasive diagnostics lab (cardiac stress testing, heart and vascular ultrasound, evaluation of peripheral vascular system); a research center (clinical trials, research and graduate medical education program); a community education center; and a heart smart café (a 70-seat café offering healthful food, as well as educational materials).


Project Details

Location: Clearwater, FL

Square Feet: 102,000


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