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Kirklin Clinic

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

  • Monumental and full height entrance

  • Consolidation of 40 dispersed specialty clinics into one building

  • Ambulatory surgery, diagnostic services, rehabilitation medicine, and cardiology

  • Laboratories, nuclear medicine, MRI, radiology, gastroenterology, and gynecology

  • Administrative functions

  • 1600-car parking deck

The Kirklin Clinic, named in honor of celebrated heart surgeon and academician, Dr. John Kirklin, is one of the top outpatient clinics in the United States. It serves a national and international clientele as the premier clinic in University of Alabama’s Health Services Foundation. This facility, designed in association with Pei Cobb Freed &; Partners Architects LLP and Garikes Wilson & Atkinson Inc., combined over 40 dispersed specialty clinics into one building. A signature work of architecture within University of Alabama’s Medical Center, Kirklin Clinic claims its unique status through bold siting, an impressive courtyard, a monumental entrance, and use of a high-relief granite exterior as counterpoint to the prevailing brick found throughout the rest of the campus.

TRO Jung|Brannen and the design team capitalized on Kirklin Clinic’s grandeur to promote hospitality imagery and amenities commensurate with contemporary hotels. The large fountain, dramatic entry, and full-height atrium all lend to the environment’s glamour. Beyond the grand entrance, the building offers a full complement of medical services and clinics, including ambulatory surgery, diagnostic services, rehabilitation medicine, cardiology and laboratories, nuclear medicine, MRI, radiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, pharmacy, administrative offices, as well as a 1,600-car parking deck. Circulation to treatment areas, organized as regular 25-room pods, is simplified by the central organizing element of the atrium/lobby. An alternative internal circulation system allows for efficient operations and flexibility of staff movement.


Project Details

Location: Birmingham, AL

Square Feet: 747,905


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