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E.A. Renfroe & Associates Corporate Headquarters

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


This corporate headquarters office building, situated in a suburban office park, was designed to reflect and magnify the area’s natural setting and have an unique and positive impact on the building’s users and the environment. Native waterfowl, which inhabit the site year-round, coexisting with office staff and visitors coming and going, are proof of this accomplishment. The building design takes cues from the indigenous surroundings and is positioned to take advantage of pristine water and nature views while clerestory windows provide abundant natural light. A butterfly-like canopy slices front to back through the building separating it into a training wing on one side and executive offices on the other, drawing the eye away from the simplistic single story footprint and forcing it on the beautiful setting and graceful lines.


Project Details

Location: Birmingham, AL

Square feet: 21,150


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