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2200 Lakeshore Building

Updated: Aug 1, 2018


2200 Lakeshore is a Class A commercial office building. The project was developed on a landmark site with an old structure and a four-acre pond, now residence to colorful and active aqua-life. Demolition of the house made way for updating the area with a natural architectural replacement.

The new building was designed with a strong brick and glass facade identifying its place on the site while allowing light to penetrate the lobby and office interiors. On the north side, the length of the building is separated from Lakeshore Drive by a pond which reflects the building’s image, concrete columns lifting two floors above the first level parking area.

Two tenant floors are recognized by ribbon windows topped on the two upper floors with a red brick pattern defining the overall building character. The building’s south side, overlooks a woodlands view of Shades Mountain.

Entrance to the Lakeshore building is made at the west end by a walkway which reveals more of the pond with every step. The entrance plaza is surrounded by a rail acting as a buffer without compromising views of the stone-bordered pond. Glass nine-foot doors open to the light and airy elevator lobby. Tenant parking for the psychiatry practice, the architectural firm studio, the branch bank, and the financial services firm is harbored beneath the building and visitor parking is provided near the entrance on the south side.


Project Details

Location: Birmingham, AL

Square Feet: 43,000


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