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University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Center

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

  • Lighthouse spire atop elevator tower

  • Children’s services including neonatal and pediatric ICU and pediatric oncology

  • Women’s services including gynecology and cancer

  • Classrooms and outpatient services

  • Outdoor plaza for public gatherings and celebrations

  • Café

The University of South Alabama’s Patient Bed Tower in the Children’s and Women’s facility is designed to give the hospital a powerful identity as the leading destination for children’s and women’s services in Mobile and surrounding areas as well as serve the university’s Colleges of Medicine and Nursing with state-of-the-art facilities in which to teach. The most prominent exterior feature is a lighthouse spire erected atop the elevator tower. The beacon of light, displayed there serves as both a navigational wayfinding tool on the hospital’s campus and a message of safety, hope and new life.

While the facility has a reputation for exceptional service to children and offers a subtle playful and inviting environment to support it, the hospital also delivers quality care to women seeking obstetrics, gynecology, cancer, and other health services. The new facility with neonatal ICU, pediatric oncology, pediatric ICU, classrooms and outpatient service areas is housed in a bold, colorful structure added adjacent to the existing hospital.

USA’s health system is the only academic health center along the central gulf coast, and one of the less than ten in the country with a freestanding dedicated facility.


Project Details

Location: Mobile, AL

Square Feet: 180,000


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