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"Puppy Love": Good Design Challenge Fundraiser

Office Environments hosted their 2nd annual "Puppy Love" Good Design Challenge — a fundraiser benefiting a local animal-assisted therapy non-profit, Hand in Paw.

Starting with just a white magis puppy, TRO Jung | Brannen was invited to participate and was given the challenge to create a unique design that would compete against 14 other architecture firms. The winner would be selected based on the amount of votes ($1 bills) received during the Puppy Love Party & Design Awards hosted at Office Environment's showroom.

After brainstorming with no design restrictions limiting our creativity, we eventually came up with the idea to recreate "Slinky Dog" from Toy Story. We determined that, though it would certainly be a challenge, it could be done if we were willing to put in a collaborative effort. We needed to find a rather large slinky that we could insert after sawing away a portion of the hollow magis puppy.

In addition, our puppy also required painting, needed long ears, a slinky tail, a new middle section that we could attach the main slinky to, and a cone shaped nose. We decided to cut up a soccer cone to use as the necessary shape needed for his face to be recognizable as "Slinky Dog". Lastly, with his middle section removed, we also needed a base board that we could securely fasten his paws to in order for him to stand up straight.

After taking turns with our assigned tasks, Slinky dog finally came together and turned out even better than what we had originally envisioned!

We were so proud of the outcome and couldn't wait to turn him in.

The party turned out to be an enjoyable night, filled with awe at the variety of creativity on display. Though our design was outbid, we certainly had a fun time participating in such an impactful event. We're glad to hear that over $2,500 was raised for Hand in Paw!

Thank you Office Environment's for putting together such an enjoyable experience!


To find out more about Hand in Paw's mission to improve human health and well-being through Animal-Assisted Therapy, be sure to check out their website!


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