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Wellstar North Fulton Hospital
Cyberknife Vault

WNFH Cyber Knife
WNFH Exterior

To provide advanced Radiation Oncology Services in a convenient location for patients, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital (WNFH) teamed with TRO Jung|Brannen to plan and design space for a new CyberKnife vault and its related robotic and other equipment. Through stereotatic radiosurgery and stereotatic body radiation therapy, the expanded services will allow WNFH to provide state-of-the-art, painless, and noninvasive comprehensive treatment in a brand new facility, adjacent to the existing 4500 Building.


The new outpatient structure consists of a concrete vault and an enclosed connector between the Cyberknife vault and the existing building. Installation of the Cyberknife and its flexible robotic arm is a tedious endeavor that requires provisions for advanced technology and the most detailed and precise space planning. Interior renovations to the adjacent 4500 Building included:


-shelled space (184sf) converted to a corridor and connection point for the new radiation oncology unit,


-single conference room (307sf) given dual purpose as both a break room and a conference room,


-4-person office adjacent to registration (607sf), and


-cardiac diagnostics suite (1,475sf) converted to a STAT clinic.


The 4500 Building parking lot, a portion of which was captured to construct the new building, was reconfigured and adorned with new exterior lighting, security cameras, and signage.


Approximately 3,444 total square feet were associated with this project.



Location: Roswell, GA

Square Feet: 37,444

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