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VA Bay Pines Cancer Center

VA Bay Pines
VA Bay Pines Linear 1
VA Bay Pines Scanner 2


This state of the art Radiation Oncology Center provides easily accessible healthcare to eligible veterans, where TRO Jung|Brannen and Phoenix Medical Construction Co., Inc. share the VA’s vision to deliver excellence in an efficient, patient focused design.


The types of cancers and tumors that will be treated in the center include prostate, breast, head/neck and lung, where technology includes Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT); and equipment used includes a Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator and a Phillips large-bore CT-scanner. Although, the center offers cutting edge equipment, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The building’s exterior evokes a Spanish Colonial Revival Style, with smooth stucco walls and clay tile roofs, which compliments the context of the Bay Pines campus.


As soon as one steps into the center’s entrance vestibule, they are enveloped by natural light that cascades down from the clerestory windows twenty feet above, which continues into the reception area. The patient areas (exam rooms and treatment rooms) are warm and welcoming with plank flooring and a soft color palate. The LINAC room includes a soothing simulated night sky with fiber optic [star] lights in a coffered ceiling, complete with a subtle shooting star. Together, the design/build team of TRO Jung|Brannen and Phoenix Medical Construction Co., Inc. collaborated in creating a state of the art facility, through thoughtful design and quality construction.


Location: Bay Pines, FL

Square Feet: 14,100

  • Treatment for prostate, breast, head/neck, and lung cancers

  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)

  • Varian Trilogy linear accelerator

  • Phillips large-bore CT-scanner

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