Princeton Baptist Medical

Center East Tower Expansion

TRO JB  made improvements to a fifty-year-old hospital in this expansion completed in early 2013. The project gained unwavering support as its time had finally come. Although beloved by loyal patients and staff for many decades the hospital operating rooms were undersized and outdated and the building was long overdue for upgrades.


The complex renovation and expansion, completed in 26 phases, included a new entrance and lobby, a new chapel, a new and expanded surgery department, endoscopy suite, support spaces and an upgrade to engineering systems. Sixteen new operating rooms were designed to replace the existing antiquated department, using a structural column grid large enough to support the new operating rooms and state-of-the-art equipment. The new surgical suite features an 850 square foot Hybrid OR equipped with a Siemens Artis Zeego robotic C-arm, Berchfield booms and lights and Karl Stolz integration. Other renovations included minor procedure rooms, a 24 station PACU, and a 30-bed day surgery. Upgrades to technological infrastructure and wayfinding were also made.


To accomplish all of the project goals, plans began with a major city street rerouting. This required community and public coordination and support beyond that which is typical, even in a complex healthcare project. Then multi-phased departmental relocations and demolition work began to make room for the expansion. From complex coordination which included internal renovations planned to allow for continuous operation of the facilities during construction, to sitework and revisions to area streets for ease of traffic flow, this hospital campus was transformed inside and out.



Location: Birmingham, AL 

Square Feet: 150,000 total; 90,000 new and 60,000 renovation


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JER 29:11


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