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Phoebe Putney Outpatient Clinic

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
Phoebe Rehab


Bringing outpatient services, family practice, wellness concepts, and educational resources out into the community, the Phoebe Northwest facility for Phoebe Putney Hospital provides a convenient off-campus location for its patients. In a dramatic adaptive reuse of an abandoned, underutilized structure, a former supermarket was transformed into an innovative medical facility that makes a positive contribution to its neighborhood. The single space structure houses the following programs: Physical Medicine Center; the Southwest Georgia Family Practice Residency Program; Phoebe Convenient Care; Conference Center for seminars and events; and Medical Information Center of Knowledge (a resource center that provides printed materials and Internet access on medical information for the entire community).


To attract primary care physicians to the family practice program, a high quality environment was designed to include an electronic medical library and attractive residency work space. Designed to accommodate 30 residents, the family practice program occupies a significant portion of the facility, with spaces arranged on a cluster plan — three examination rooms to a pod with nurse charting and doctors’ dictation areas. Lab, x-ray, storage, and medical records support these spaces.



Location: Albany, GA

Square Feet: 75,000

  • Supermarket transformed to outpatient facility

  • Family practice, wellness, and educational facilities

  • Electronic medical Library

  • Capacity for 30 residents

  • 3 exam rooms to a pod

  • Laboratories, x-ray, storage, and medical records

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