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Energen Corporate Headquarters

Energen Corporate Headquarters

Energen, a diversified energy company, blends the financial and operating strength of its natural gas utility, Alagasco, with the growth potential of an oil and gas exploration and production company, Taurus. TRO Jung|Brannen was commissioned to provide facility assessment, work flow analysis, space programming, and space planning services in connection with its proposed new headquarters. Working in concert with the developer, shell and core architect, and interior designer, TRO Jung|Brannen developed a space plan which enabled Energen to house its 300 employees in 104,000 square feet of programmed office space.


Energen’s space needs included the following: offices for 300 employees, Corporate Headquarters for Energen and its subsidiaries (Alagasco and Taurus), flexible office space, room for human resources expansion and reorganization needs, consolidation of record space, and development and promotion of team workspace.



Location: Birmingham, AL

Square Feet: 104,000

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