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Cullman Regional Medical

Center Replacement Hospital

Cullman Regional Medical Center
Cullman Regional Medical Center
Cullman Regional Medical Center
Cullman Regional Medical Center

Cullman Regional Medical Center, struggling with a constrained campus and growing demand for inpatient and outpatient services, commissioned TRO Jung|Brannen to explore design solutions. After analyzing 14 different sites, the design team proposed a move from a downtown location to a 75-acre pastoral site on the outskirts of town. The new location allowed Cullman to build an integrated medical center with a 115-bed hospital including full maternity with 8 LDRP rooms, pediatric services, ambulatory care center, and medical offices.


Design and planning provided for patient-focused, efficient and integrated healthcare. Separate entrances for ambulatory and inpatient services allow patients with different needs to experience a facility tailored to their requirements. Individual departments were planned to accommodate flexibility, while the entire hospital was organized to expand logically on the site.


Jung|Brannen designed the medical center to maximize the client’s construction budget and integrate the building and its interiors with a remarkable site. The 218,000 square foot structure is comprised of a series of identifiable masses that rise along the site’s natural contours. By locating parking “trays” down slope, TRO Jung|Brannen heightened the grandeur of the building on the crest and created a series of generous loggias with human-scaled columns and canopies. The interior layout features courtyards that minimize long, interior hallways and draw light into the building, while patient rooms and public spaces along the perimeter capitalize on breathtaking views of the surrounding Light-filled passageway.



Location:​ Cullman, AL

Square Feet: 218,000

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